Our Journey as Candy Apple Speech

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has decided to follow us as we embark on our journey as Candy Apple Speech! For those of you who don’t know us, we are Lisa and Nicole, two Speech Language Pathologists with the minds of a graphic designer and scrapbooker.

Years ago, our paths crossed when Nicole was assigned to complete her educational internship. Lisa was one of 3 of Nicole’s supervisors. Right from the get-go, Nicole was warned that the Speech-Hearing Office she would be working in was small and very busy, as it was shared by 3 SLP’s and the district Hearing Itinerant.

As Nicole completed her internship, she became fascinated with the amount of knowledge she gained from working with these 4 ladies.  The creativity and ideas that were shared in this office was remarkable. Throughout the 12 week internship,  Nicole quickly fell in love with the style of therapy that was delivered by these ladies and she begun to create her own therapy materials, just as the other therapists in the office did. Throughout the internship, Nicole’s mind was quickly made up– her dream as a SLP was to be employed by this school so that she could permanently work in this small, very busy office. Little did she know that one day, she would be lucky enough to have her dream come true when she received a phone call that would offer her a permanent spot in the “very busy” Speech-Hearing Office that she was once told about. Without a doubt in her mind, Nicole accepted the offer and was overcome with excitement to begin her dream job!

As soon as we begun permanently sharing this office, we were able to bounce ideas upon ideas off of each other. We created fun and interactive therapy materials that we loved using in therapy. It was then that we decided to come together as Candy Apple Speech and share our materials with as many professionals who work with children as possible! Our plan is to create engaging, thematic materials that we can share with you on Teachers Pay Teachers, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram! We also look forward to sharing ideas about various different topics– materials and activities to expand therapy beyond the table, “craftivity” ideas, and ideas to promote development for the whole child.

We couldn’t be more excited to begin sharing this journey with you!

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