The Summer of Candy Apple

We can’t hardly believe that the 2016-2017 school year has wrapped up and it is officially summer! Although we will miss the kiddos while we are on summer break, nothing beats the feeling of knowing that for the next couple of months, we have nothing but time to do the things we love to do with the people we love to do them with!

One thing that is for certain is that we would trade the windowless office views from our school building for our summer office view of Lake Michigan or our sunny backyards any day. For the next couple of months, our office will look and feel much different. Whether it be the warm weather, feet in the sand, crashing sounds of waves off of Lake Michigan, hopping into the pool, hearing the voices of children playing outside, or listening to dogs barking as they walk by, these summer office feels surely won’t disappoint.

As we have talked and talked and talked about the things we would like to do for Candy Apple and compiled a seemingly endless list of things we want to create, it is the best feeling knowing that summer is finally here and now is the time to conquer the list because starting now is the summer of Candy Apple & we can’t hardly wait to share everything that we have in store for you!!

Please come back and visit us soon!

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