Happy Fall Y’All!!

Fall is one of our favorite seasons! The trees are beginning to change and we see pumpkins and apples everywhere! We’ve been using apples in our therapy for the past week.  Apples! Apples Everywhere! We love to use real apples and props in our therapy. Integrating song, manipulatives, apple pie play doh and games into our therapy make each session so much fun.  
This week, we are excited to share a few apple themed activities with you! Here is one that we used last week and we can’t stop singing it!

We love to use melody in our therapy sessions. Repetitive vocabulary and rhyme paired with melody are great methods to learn concepts and new vocabulary. We wrote this story to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The story uses this melody to incorporate vocabulary like orchard, trees, ladder, bushel basket, apple sauce, apple juice, apple pies and size/color concepts.

We’ve made interactive books for many years and always used velcro. Not any more!!! We use Aleen’s Tack-It  glue to make our vocabulary props interactive throughout the story. We stick them in the book, on the wall, table or dry erase boards! Thanks for the tip Jenna Rayburn
For our kiddos working on articulation, we are able to target many goals using the interactive book! We highlighted our target speech words in the take home version of the story for carryover practice at home. This story especially provides a lot of practice for kids working on /L/, /S/, /R/ and multi-syllabic words.

Mini bushel baskets and apple holiday decorations make the theme come alive. We love to shop for props after the season 🙂 We simply cut off the strings from these apple Christmas tree ornaments! The apple pie that we have propped up on the basket is really a dog toy! Keep your eye out while you’re shopping! You never know what you can find to use for therapy!!!

Need a new story for your apple unit? You can grab it here:  Take Me Out to the Orchard Interactive Story

Check back daily this week for more fun ideas using an apple theme for therapy!!!

Apple Themed Activities from Candy Apple Speech

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