Why Didn’t We Think Of This Sooner?

Vocabulary Postings

We came up with a fun idea around this time of year a few years back. We wanted our little ones to have a lot of repetition learning vocabulary for our upcoming Thanksgiving Feast. We decided to post our Thanksgiving vocabulary where it would be seen over and over.

We pulled up our tape line by the door and replaced it with a vocabulary line!

Posting our vocabulary like this allowed for visual exposure to vocabulary multiple times during the day. The kids walked over it every time they came in and exited the room. They followed directions “Stand on the______” when they were lining up to leave the room before transitions. We even asked the kids “What would you like to stand on?” which allowed the kids to express vocabulary. We asked questions that included features/function/class to our kiddos that could already express the vocabulary.  What we didn’t expect, was the spontaneous labeling that began as the kids stepped on the vocabulary over and over each day. Even our little ones that were still learning functional communication began to echo vocabulary and tact vocabulary as they lined up. BINGO! By the time the feast rolled around, our data showed mastery for both receptive and expressive feast vocabulary with the majority of our kiddos. 
Besides the classroom, we also posted in the hallway where the kiddos sit and wait before and after the bathroom transition. 

 Just a tip, cover it with packaging tape 🙂 It lasts longer and prevents little fingers from picking at it. 

 These are posted just a few feet above the floor.

 After Thanksgiving, we decided to post our common object and/or thematic vocabulary this way for each unit.  WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THIS BEFORE???? 

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