All-In-One Token Reinforcement Boards

We firmly believe in shaping behaviors with positive reinforcement. While we are cautious to include visual prompts in our therapy when they are not needed, we do realize that for some kiddos, visual prompts ARE needed to sustain joint attention, build a positive work ethic and increase work productivity.

Effective reinforcement strategies are critical for some of our kiddos to achieve success. We can shape desired behaviors by reinforcing desirable actions/responses and withhold reinforcement for actions that are undesirable or not small improvements toward shaping our goals or objectives.

Token systems are based on the principals of operant conditioning. The tokens themselves are considered learned reinforcers or secondary reinforcers. Once earned, they can be exchanged for a child-selected (or learner-selected) tangible or social reinforcer.

In our therapy room and school, we use all-in-one token boards. Every board contains 10 token reinforcement ‘doors’.

For initial token training or short work tasks, 1 token ’door’ is open indicating that 1 token is required for the child to earn their desired reinforcer. Once the token is earned, the child closes the door. As the child becomes successful over time and the work requirements increase, the quantity of tokens is adjusted. Separate token cards are no longer needed to adjust the token ratio. We simply open and close the token ’doors’ to customize the ratio for our learners.

Some of our students require a visual reminder of the preferred item for which they are working. We also made boards with an “I am working for…” feature that allows for our child’s own communication system icon or any small photo/text icon to be added.

 We like to switch up our token boards based on the child’s interests as well as for seasonal themes.

We have created every day token board bundles as well as seasonal token bundles.

 Simply print double sided, laminate, assemble and use!

   You can grab them here:

Everyday All in One Token Boards: Everyday All in One Token Boards
Seasonal All in One Token Boards:  Seasonal All in One Token Boards

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